The Virtual VSO & VSO Advantage: Reduce the Protracted Cost of War

This effort is to help veterans service organizations better assist veterans, military families and the VA.The Virtual VSO:  Reducing the Protracted Cost of War

Our mission is to help eliminate the expense and red tape associated with common VA claim submission errors and backlogs, open the way for legitimate claims and rid the system of illegitimate ones. Our strategy is to improve training for service officers, provide an intuitive claims submission process for pro se veterans and enable distance learning and appointments through IT and video communications infrastructure at physical satellite locations throughout the state, and potentially anywhere online.

The Virtual VSO seeks to improve access to veterans advocacy, better enable VA entitlement, support and adjudication process with more robust IT communications solutions which includes Video Conferencing,   Document sharing, and collaboration technologies through the existing satellite VSO locations and intuitive software programming online.  The combined usage of these tools in physical VSO offices and online would save travel cost, allow Veteran’s to receive On-demand counseling, expedite the delivery of supporting documentation, extend benefits coordinator skills training, provide other programs through satellite methods, and provide overall time-savings for the veteran and the VA process.

Each participating Veterans Service Post has an assigned benefits coordinator (volunteer) that handles Veteran’s intake to support the claims & adjudication process, a dedicated web presence and physical locations throughout the state.  Our efforts seek next-generation outreach and infrastructure that helps facilitate a clear path for pro se veterans & their dependents or veterans service officers on any level.

Another important aspect of the Virtual VSO is Expanding Efficacy of the My eBenefits by Providing In-Person Authentication of Users through a LOCAL VSO POST Command-Appointed Veterans Service Officer who is trained to assist the veteran in the VA process.

The VA recently enabled the web-based service for veterans to download personal files, view past and future appointments and enter health care and insurance information.  At this time, the requirements for premium access to VA My eBenefits account are the same as those required by most Veterans Service Organizations, such as the VFW, DAV, Legion or AMVETS.   But to get the premium access, one must physically go the Regional VA center!  By bringing VSOs into the fold, the VA can improve access to what could be a great service for veterans and their dependents.  VSOs can provide the on-site, in-person authentication required to access premium My eBenefits services.

We need assistance in improving their work process for providing services.  Our partners have committed to creating the beta software for a nominal fee.  We are seeking to raise the funding for the intuitive VSO Advantage software and corresponding telehealth implements.  What have you got to offer?

If you would like to support this initiative, contact us below, or visit our contribute page.

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