VFW Post 1631 Volunteers Return from VFW National Home

Rick Angwin knows how to lend a hand.When Rick visited  the VFW National Home last year, it lead to more than just the common introduction to the facilities provided to orphaned children of veterans and military families.During last year’s VFW National Convention, several took a trip to the National Home–and for some, the excursion inspired more than awe and emotion for the work of this great organization.     Todd Marriott, Facilities Director at VFW National Home For Children, giving a usual tour of the space, spoke on the upkeep of the home and hopes of  having a new duplex completed for military families in need.  Angwin there inquired whether anyone was contracted for the electrical wiring of the new residence.  Marriot must have been surprised to learn Angwin was offering to do the work for free wholesale bounce house.I told them “If you put the building up, I’ll be happy to take on the labor.” said Angwin, a Master Electrician from Concord, New Hampshire.Electrical work is an expensive undertaking that can run into thousands of dollars in labor alone.  With some help from VFW Post 1631 and the Veterans Foundation, our New Hampshire electrician made the 1300 mile trek to Michigan to offer his skills to benefit the Home.  Accompanied by  VFW Post 1631Commander Dexter Health and Sr. Vice Zeana Morris, the trio was well situated by the National Home hospitality at the guest lodge for a few days.“It’s a fantastic facility. They’re doing great things there.”  says Dexter Heath.  “And times are hard.  The economy is down, everyone is out of work.  I’m retired and I am able to do something like this.”  comments Angwin.  “So I offered and they accepted.   By the time we were finished we had done the electrical, cable, networking–the whole bit.”The new duplex will enable the facility to support two more veteran or military families.View Pictures of the new DuplexThis may be the first time VFW National Home for Children has benefited from free professional services in this way.  “They generally have contractors.  And they may or may not offer a lower price.  As far as we know, we are the first”  says Rick Angwin, on volunteering free professional services.A big congratulations to the National Home, Rick Angwin and VFW Post 1631 for lending the hands. Learn the story of the VFW National Home for Children and the inspirational work and sacrifice of a young woman named Amy Ross who helped make a home for veteran’s orphans a reality in 1924.   If you find yourself near Eaton Rapids, Michigan, visit the National Home, glimpse the protracted cost of war and become inspired to contribute to the children who have lost their parents to our Nation’s wars.

If you have a professional skill or talent that may benefit the VFW National Home and would like to donate your time, let it be known!  If you are interested in supporting the National Home for Children, visit here.

If you are a military family in need assistance, do not hesitate to call the Helpline 800.313.4200