VFNH Executive Director Organizes First East Wakefield Fall Festival

Veterans Foundation takes a leadership role in creating an outlet of support for the East Wakefield community by organizing the first ever Fall Fest.

Member of the Greater Wakefield Chamber (GWCC), VFNH has donated unlimited serving, websites and support to the local chamber with the promise of future support for veteran service in the area.   VFNH   Executive Director, Tara Sue Clark is a GWCC board member and the IT chairman for the organization.

East Wakefield is home to many veterans and situated in Carroll County which has the second highest number of veterans per capita in the state.  Earlier this year East Wakefield welcomed a new veteran-owned business to the village’s  Woodman’s corner, Papa’s Kitchen, owned by Kyle Plomondon, an Army veteran.  “It’s really important that we build a strong presence of support here.” says Clark.

Woodman Corner is home to Country Goods and Groceries which has been updated under new owner Jeff Cuevas, bringing new life to the corner.  Additionally, Robert Knowlton and his wife have opened a surf and turf family restaurant called Shananigans on the corner next to the Dunn Deal gas station.

Finding difficulty in recruiting new members, GWCC Board President Bryan Berlind asked Tara Sue, an East Wakefield resident and business owner, what the chamber could do to support the rural village.    “It is clear the East Wakfield community feels left out of the GWCC “townie” circle.” reports Tara Sue.  After visiting all the corner businesses to gain input from the owners, a plan was formed.

East Wakefield wants to honor and thank its patrons for their support and invites the GWCC and others to join in producing the first-ever East Wakefield block party on Woodman’s Corner—  East Wakfield Fall Fest.

“What we are going for here is a no-cost family fun day to really show we care about this community.” says Tara Sue.   “Typically fairs and events can be quite costly for families.  For instance, just to get into a bouncy house for 60 seconds costs $1 per person at many events.”

The East Wakefield community has flipped the script on the traditional fair model.  Fall Fest in East Wakefield is established with a few rules in mind to ensure the locals feel the love.  Here is the outline:

  1.  East Wakfield Fall Fest is hosted by the businesses at Woodman Corner and welcomes any local nonprofit and area business to participate with booth space in the expansive lots.
  2.   Business Participants must provide at least 1 of the following:
    1. A Free Game
    2. A Free Gift/Prize
    3. Free Food
    4. Free Entertainment

“I am amazed by the generosity these business owners have shown.  Everyone is independently working together to produce something new and different, something meaningful to these residents in both fields… Wakefield and Newfield.

There will be three different rides at the event including mini ponies and hay rides.  “Newfield, ME is gonna have the old firetruck out here to carry folks around the corner and we’ll have the biggest bouncy house you can find here at the Country Goods and Groceries.” says Jeff Cuevas.   “We’re going to have free pizza, sandwiches, fried dough.  We’ve invited a local meadery and lots of other folks to set up in our lot.”

Dube contruction has committed to running the hay ride.  State Line Garage is bringing mini ponies for the kids to prance on around the corner.  Live music is planned for the event as well with support from Mike Seavey.

GWCC Board Member Janet Bye of Bye Insurance and Kim Orr of Profile bank are planning to man-up the GWCC table.  “This is going to be an amazing event.” says Bye.  “It’s just what the corner needs.” says long-time bank manager, Kim Orr.

Organized in just a matter of weeks, the corner businesses have banned together to bring a slew of entertainment options with participation from GWCC.

To thank our director for taking a leadership role in planning, creating and organizing the event media, Country Goods and Groceries is donating its ice cream to the Veterans Foundation for the event.

“We are here to thank folks too.  So the ice cream is going to be offered for free by VFNH.  Donations are always welcomed.  More importantly we will have valuable information for veterans with several veteran service organizations represented at both Papa’s Kitchen and Country Goods.” says Tara Sue.

Learn more about the upcoming Fall Fest in East Wakefield by checking out our flyer produced by Tara Sue.  Thanks Tara Sue and Thank you East Wakefield for supporting our vets.