Veterans In Need Legal Representation Now

If you are an attorney or service officer that can help any of the following individuals, please let us know and we will connect you.


Virginian In Need:

  Im a disabled veteran in need of a divorce attorney in Martinsville, VA


I need to talk to a lawyer about EOC claim

Criminal Law:

Ineed legal services. I was charged with a crime I did not commit. I was put into
prison without a Preliminary hearing or a Trial. Served the time they gave me and
now have evidence of my innocence. I need an Attorney.

VA Law Suit:

…i seeking legal help pertaining to my appeal and possibe suit againt the va. IF theres any org or persons willing to help me ….please call me at ….

have much diffilculty with va. took 25 years to become service connected …i was’t given a correct entitlemet date , and have had bad experience’s with 2 seperate attorneys. they falsified my medical records upon discharge in1972. va didnot properly do their job. and i’ve been given the run around since 2002, pertaining to my correct entittlement date. bad enough i suffered 25 years before they (va) did the right thing by giving me my due service connection . as should they in 1972 , when i first applied

Actually, it depends on what you can aforfd and what your employer has available. It ain’t cheap! After getting back from Iraq in 2005, I was lay ed off my job because of out sourcing. Since then, I have been using the VA Medical center, and have been happy with the way they have treated me. How ever, it would be nice to have regular employment and pay for it myself. My advise? Stay in!


Marine In Need:

My son, L/Cpl. Samuel,,,,, is currently being held in the brig at Pearl Harbor Naval Brig in Hawaii on charges of drunkenly, prank calling a Active Duty Female Soldier. He is being charged with ridiculous charges and was due to come home three days prior to these charges, as his enlistment was up with the Marine Corp.
He and another Marine friend made txtx and calls, my son called, his friend txt’d her.
While I am not saying ing what he did was right, it was more like a high school prank, I am concerned if he doesn’t have experienced counsel, this will cause him to do time and lose his VA benefits. He has been a exemplary Marine for the 4 years he was in.
I have photographic proof of the female commenting on how she thought it was funny basically that she did this.
It is too long a story to email but I would like to possibly speak to someone regarding this case.
We simply cannot afford a civilian attorney , I have spoken to a good one but he wants $15,000 plus expenses, we simply do not have that kind of disposable income.
Thank you. Hannah


looking for help getting a grant