Stephen Rasche, Staff Attorney

Providing guidance and direction for staff and veterans, New England Attorney Rasche has been a foundational supporter of the Veterans Law Project.  Father to a U.S. Army soldier, and affected by his global experiences, Attorney Rasche sought to answer the obvious need for veterans legal support.  Stephen has been a driving force behind the development of the project and serves as VLP Staff Attorney.


Larry Vogelman, Legal Director

Attorney Vogelman, son of a WWII Veteran, leads the VFNH Legal Committee in support of the Veterans Law Project-Legal Boots on the Ground. During his service as President of the New Hampshire Bar Association, Vogelman made veterans legal outreach a top priority during his term. Teaming up with the Veterans Law Project supported by the Veterans Foundation, the organization is pursuing a major outreach effort to provide legal representation for veterans in need. Attorney Vogelman has been a trial lawyer for over 35 years, and has tried hundreds of cases to verdict, and handled dozens of appeals in state and federal courts throughout the country.


Tara Sue Myers, VLP Executive Director B.S. Political Theory


Tara Sue Myers is Executive Director of the Veterans Law Project.  Tara Sue and husband Ross Myers created online repository for veterans in 2006.  The Myers contributed to the establishment of a Veterans Pro Bono Clinic at North Carolina Central with Craig Kabatchnick, and helped to prepare a congressional testimony on the state of veterans affairs with VFW member Larry Dean.  Myers is a member of the VFW Auxiliary and lives in the Seven Lakes region with her husband Ross and their children Lincoln & Virginia.  Mrs. Myers comes from a family of combat veterans, inspired most by her brothers’ service to country, a “product of war,”  her mother  a Vietnam War refugee and father a former Green Beret & USMC.


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