Family Law issues are the most frequently presented legal matter addressed by the Veterans Law Project (VLP)  staff and comprises about 40% of the VLP case load.  Almost 30% of VLP case work is devoted to child support modification & custodial matters.  Approximately 10% of cases are related to separation and divorce.

“Family law cases are different because they are ongoing.” says Program Director, Victoria Gaudreau.  “Child support, residency, custody and visitation can all change throughout the child’s life.”   A veteran herself with over 25 years of paralegal experience, Gaudreau specializes in domestic issues.   The VLP staff guides veterans through processing and handling divorce filings, paternity, custody, child support and other matters.  In some cases a Power of Attorney is needed for actively deployed veterans who have issues regarding their children’s guardianship while serving abroad.

Veterans are often tortured by family discord, and struggle to be a part of their children’s lives.    The VLP is processing cases where petitioning spouses attempt to use PTSD against veterans in an effort to remove parental rights and privileges.    Subjected to the trauma of divorce,  veterans are commonly unreasonably denied access to their children, need multiple pleadings for varying issues, or have been broken by inequitable support burdens that lead to a myriad of other legal and financial issues.

“After visiting with us, veterans are visibly more at ease.”   The potential impact of a fully-funded deployment of VLP Legal Boots on the Ground is striking when we consider all the ways relationships, employment and financial issues negatively impact veterans and their children.

Having an experienced legal mind in your corner is a tremendous advantage for anyone dealing with divorce and custody issues.  Family law cases can take a long time to resolve and often involve other legal matters.  The Veterans Law Project provides family law and other casework at no cost to NH veterans.


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