The Veterans Foundation gives thanks to the Norwin S. & Elizabeth N. Bean Foundation for their recent grant award of $10,000 to the Veterans Law Project, Legal Boots on the Ground program.

The Veterans Law Project has been assisting NH veterans with their legal issues since January of 2015. Operating with only 30% of its needed funding, the foundation’s legal project has assisted hundreds of veterans throughout the state and service members on active duty.  Yet with one paid employee and the a handful of volunteers, the work is certainly being done in support of NH veterans where the project deals with over 30 new cases each month.

“A few minutes with the VLP staff staff can save a veteran months, even years of frustration.” says Bob Carey, Captain, USNR (Ret.)

The Veterans Law Project helps veterans help themselves with their legal matters from family law issues like child support modification and divorce to housing and landlord tenant laws, VA health care issues and more by providing in-house legal consultation, pro bono and reduced fee attorney referrals.

“This project answers a real need for service members.  It’s unlike any other legal resource available.” says founding Legal Director Larry Vogelman.

Be a part of answering the need.  Learn more about why the VLP Legal Boots program is unique.  Read the latest VLP report here.