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Defending Our Defenders

The VLP Legal Boots on the Ground:

1) employs veteran legal professionals,

2) provides emergency access providers;

3) offers in-house legal services and referrals at no cost;

4) reaches NH veterans and active duty service members  around the world

Legal Boots on the Ground provides legal services at no cost to NH Vets.  Donations accepted.

Put more Legal Boots on the Ground

Unmet legal needs are a major reason some Veterans become and remain homeless.

 4  of the top 10 unmet needs affecting vets have a legal component including:


  • eviction/foreclosure prevention;
  • child support issues;
  • outstanding warrants/fines; and
  • restoring a driver’s license

 lb case work

Of over 300 NH Veterans Served in 2015 by VLP Legal Boots

80+ received direct legal consultation

60+ veterans were consulted

100+ cases referred to pro bono attorneys

30+cases under review