VLP by the Hours– 18 Days in August

 Programmatic Work of the Veterans Law Project Legal Boots on the Ground

The VLP received 31 cases and over 200 phone calls in 18 days between August 6th through 31st.  One day alone this month (18 Aug), staff responded to almost 50 calls.  Here is the VLP hours for one paid employee and 5 volunteers:

  • 54 Hours on intake, phone calls, consults, scheduling & referrals by Program Director
  • 40 Hours on email with clients, attorneys etc. by Program Director
  • 100 Hours on case work (paralegal work, meetings & referrals) by Program Director
  • 8 Hours on drop-ins (normally existing clients with questions and additional documentation) with Program Director & Executive Director
  • 9 Hours of in-house consult, case review & quality control by Program Director & Executive Director
  • 20 Hours on legal consultation, case work & review performed by the Legal Director & Staff Attorney
  • 6 Hours of intern support with intake, research, paralegal support by UNH Law Students
  • 43 Hours of VA claims volunteer assistance by VLP Veterans Advocate.
  • 55 Hours contributed by the Executive Director toward programmatic support (intake, case review, phone duty, call-backs, Intern supervision, QCM interviews with clients, Web development for client use. This does not include over 10 hours used for administration)


335 Hours Worked to: