We are the Veterans Law Project, a 501c3 dba of the Veterans Foundation of NH.   Our effort is to “raise the Bar,” providing legal resources to NH veterans wherever they can be reached.  From child and family support, to employment, housing, health care, criminal cases, small business development and beyond, our effort targets New Hampshire’s veterans and military families making a dynamic impact in local communities.  The VLP is on track to assist over 500 veterans per year, many of whom are disabled, parents of minors, and typically working NH residents.

The Veterans Law Project (VLP) is a subsidiary of the Veterans Foundation of New Hampshire, Inc.  Launched in Manchester, NH on January 5, 2015.  We provide in-house legal services and consultation at no cost to the veteran, pro bono and reduced fee attorney referrals and resources.  This is accomplished by employing highly experience, qualified veteran legal professionals, attorneys and paralegal support who have an understanding of the unique needs of veterans.  This provides an indispensable comfort level for individuals served who can speak to someone who has worn the uniform.

The VFNH, Inc. VLP assists between 30 and 40 veterans every month, already becoming a preferred choice for veterans legal referrals.   Consultation to pro se veterans, VA claims assistance, pro bono or reduced fee referrals and direct representation are provided by the VLP for no charge.   Additionally the project works to offer an online repository of legal information for pro se veterans to help them help themselves with their trials of life.

Family Law 40%

A large majority of the cases brought to the VLP are family law related.  About 30% are custody and child support modification matters and about 7% are divorce cases.

Housing & Finances 16%

About 10% of cases are housing issues.  Bankruptcy & debt collection issues presented to the VLP comprise about  6% or all veteran contacts.

 Criminal Law  12%

Criminal issues ranging from trespassing to DUI comprise about 12% of VLP inquiries.

 Veterans Administration (VA)  7%

VA claims comprise about 7% of all cases.

 Estates 3%

About 3% cases are estate planning and probate cases.


Other Legal Matters

About 4 percent of the veteran requests involve other civil matters.   Data is gathered and recorded in a central repository.  Every day contacts  are conducted to assess the veteran’s legal situation at intake, after services are provided or referrals assigned, and following judicial actions to ensure needs are met.

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