A Deluge of Requests: Legal Boots Answers 30 Calls in Day 1

It’s undeniable.  Within a day of putting our Legal Boots on the Ground, staff received over 30 calls for help from needy veterans looking for legal guidance, some more urgently than others with a scope of case work from county to federal courts, civil to criminal cases. -Some cases involve NH veterans serving elsewhere on active duty, others are preparing to deploy, recently returned or even serving prison sentences.  There is a tremendous need for services to veterans in need of legal assistance.

Our goal is to answer these requests for help.  In some cases there are heightened levels of anxiety due to time constraints, distance, or sensitive issues.   We provide a common ground for those who contact us for help, most of whom are sent to us by other veteran and human services agencies.  Here a veteran answers the phone or returns the call to the veteran needing help on the line…and the line has been tied up for days.

We expected there to be a surge at the beginning, as folks were waiting for operations to open.  Our staff attorney David Kolesar can scarcely keep up with the deluge.

Look for our posting in the NH Bar publication for a qualified paralegal as we continue to plow down this road.