The Veterans Law Project Deploys Legal Boots on the Ground

Larry Vogelman announces the launch of the Veterans Law Project–Legal Boots on the Ground for Veterans with VFNH, Inc. Veterans Law Project.  Staff Attorney Dave Kolesar, began working today on bringing needed legal assistance to NH veterans.

The Veterans Law Project has been formed to assist veterans with the many legal needs they are facing.   Often veterans are at a disadvantage within the judicial system since the system may be unfamiliar with the specific situations and circumstances veterans find themselves in.

 Veterans endure hardship within the judicial system unfamiliar with the true nature of conditions unique to them. …For these service members, their war is without end.

Get on the front lines with the Veterans Foundation of NH, Inc. Veterans Law Project (VLP) for NH Veterans in need.  The VLP mission assists needy veterans in securing advice and representation regarding their civil and criminal legal needs. Additionally, the Veterans Law Project supports new and existing veterans tracks in the New Hampshire court system.

The Veterans Foundation of NH Veterans Law Project and volunteer lawyers have the opportunity to make a dramatic and positive impact for veterans and their families. Legal support has the potential to make a real change; join in that effort

  •  Restore Revoked or Suspended Licenses
  •  Prevent Eviction & Foreclosure
  •  Provide Assistance with Family Reconciliation
  •  Negotiate Fair Child and Spousal Support Orders
  •  Navigate Outstanding Warrants, Fines and Court Fees
  •  Assist with Living Wills and Estate Planning
  •  Assist Veterans With Social Security Claims
  •  Support Veterans Courts in New Hampshire
  •  Provide legal Counsel to Veterans in Need.
  •  Represent Veterans in Bankruptcy Proceedings

“Unmet legal needs are a major reason that some Veterans become and remain homeless.” CIVIL LEGAL AID SUPPORTS FEDERAL EFFORTS TO HELP VETERANS AND SERVICEMEMBERS,, Secretary Eric K. Shinseki, U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs

“4 of the top 10 unmet needs of homeless veterans involve legal assistance for: eviction/foreclosure prevention; child support issues; outstanding warrants/fines; and restoring a driver’s license. Other top 10 unmet needs often have a legal component.”  VETERANS AND SERVICEMEMBERS U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE ACCESS TO JUSTICE INITIATIVE ▪ ▪ APRIL 2014