From the President

Right now, we are servicing more veterans, service members and their families, with shorter delays than ever.  We still have no funding, but rely on a host of volunteers.  Intake is done by a small group of law students at UNH.  I then find volunteer lawyers for the clients or handle the case myself.  We have over 150 NH lawyers assisting.  We also get help for some through the NHBA Pro Bono Program.  At our present pace we are providing assistance to over 300  folks a year.  Other than VA benefits, which we don’t do, less than one out of fifty vets are turned away.  Also, kudos to Peter Duffy, a retired lawyer and retired officer, who is handling our discharge upgrades.  We also have an arrangement with Child Support, spearheaded by John Hattan to assist vets in modifying child support.  We also could not be up and running w/o the help of our volunteer Executive Director Tara Sue and her husband, Ross.

We still have serious challenges.  We need a Development Director in order to guarantee a steady source of funding so that we can actually have some paid staff.  Also, our panel of volunteer lawyers is far too small.  In a Bar with over 5,000 practicing lawyers, more should be assisting.  Thank all of you for your ongoing support. 

Lawrence Vogelman, Esq.

Your contribution benefits veterans and military families in New Hampshire.