Fall Fest Returns for Year 2 in East Wakefield, NH

It’s that time again.

After a resounding success last year, Fall Fest is returning to East Wakefield.

“We counted over 1500 participants last year.” reports VFNH Executive Director, Tara Sue Clark-Myers, the event’s creator.

Last year the Fall Fest in East Wakefield shook the timbers with live music and entertainment, a slew of games, rides and food all provided freely to the patrons.  Many of last year’s players will be returning.

Country Goods and Groceries donated ice cream to the VFNH for distribution.   VFNH collected almost $200 in donations which was donated to the local VFW.  But more importantly, VFNH found 3 veterans in need seeking health entitlements and legal support.  They have been connected with the top VFW veteran service officer in the country, John Barrett.

“I know we really inspired this village and its leadership.  It’s great to see so many take ownership of something that started as a conversation in the back of the corner store.  Last year truly was a celebration of community with the first festival.  Let’s see if it will be matched again this year.”

Tara Sue says the event has taken off this year without her and without many of the elements that were present last year.

“I’m a little disappointed, but as is the way when something popular as this attracts so many who want to take a leadership role in its success.  There won’t be a live band this year and this is key.  We had veteran musicians last year and the music really brought people out.  There also is not nearly the publicity of last year, but we’ll see how things go.  You want to make the most of the moment.  But then again, it’s a learning curve for many folks.   We hope for the best.”

Be sure to find some free ice cream and learn about VFNH programs.




Rain didn’t damper the 2nd Fall Fest too much.  VFNH was able to connect with a veteran over the weekend who had never applied for VA benefits and suffers from more than a couple combat-related issues.

“We didn’t have the crowd we had last year.” says Jeff Cuevas of Country Goods & Groceries.  “We count our cups and plates and that helps us get an idea of how many we have served.  The highlight of the event was the dancing moose.”

VFNH Executive Director, Tara Sue Myers reports, “Free family fun is so important these days especially when there are many of those struggling financially.  The highlight for me this year was serving up ice cream to the kids.   It really made there day and we don’t hold back.   There was a young man who came to the window with his little brother and sister.  They were all a hot mess.  They asked if they could have seconds.  There is nothing better than the feeling of telling children that yes, they can have all the free ice cream they want!”