Executive Director Tara Sue Myers

Tara Sue is a founding board member of the VFNH, organizing the Veterans Foundation of New Hampshire, Inc. with long-time mentor and founding President, Dana Hussey in 2011.

A G.I. baby, born in the states, Mrs. Myers brings to bear decades of non-profit experience, veterans service and ingenuity.  She and her partner Ross Myers created the first (organizational) social networks and online political video debates and forums hosted by veterans groups in 2002.  The couple also spearheaded the first Veterans Law Project in 2005 to bring pro bono legal services to veterans in North Carolina, brought blogging and military family communications to the front lines of Iraq of and Afghanistan and produced the first Milblog Conference in Washington, D.C. (2005).

Tara is driven by her family’s deep military legacy.   Her grandfather, George Clark, Sr. served in the first experimental Army special forces group and with the Big Red One during WWII.   Her grandfather, and his sons after him are the source of inspiration for Tara Sue’s veteran service mission and vision.

Tara Sue’s father, a decorated Green Beret and graduate of all five schools of Special Forces, served with MIKE Force for four years in Vietnam where he met Tara’s mother.    In 1980 her father was recruited to the United States Marine Corp.

Her eldest brother, George Clark III, served as a trumpeter for the Marine Corp Band and is now a retired Army Captain, a combat veteran having served several tours in Iraq.  Her youngest brother is a medically discharged Marine living in Missouri.

In 1991 Tara’s family saw both her father and next eldest brother Kevin off to war to the front lines of Desert Storm with the 24th Marines joining the 2nd Marine Division.   Her father returned safely and retired from the USMC and now works to support the Montagnards with whom he served in Vietnam.   Her first “coach” and brother Kevin E. Clark, a PFC during Desert Storm is now a mustang-colonel, and has served many command posts including as Regimental Commander of the 1st Marines.  

“Tara Sue has a uniquely deep understanding of the struggles military families face.  She is smart, passionate, creative and dedicated to a fault.”  John Barrett, VFW Veteran Service Officer.

Tara Sue has voluntarily helped to establish and support several veteran non-profits and has contributed over 10,000 websites, email and media services to Veteran Service groups including but not limited to the Seacoast Marine Corp League, New Hampshire Korean War Veterans Association, American Legions, AMVETS and VFWs.

In addition to her extensive volunteer work, Tara serves as CEO of Tonk Group, LLC whose valiant mission is to develop fundraising opportunities that offer a better return to nonprofits through charitable and skill-based games, such as Esports, Community Raffles and Audio Visual technology.   Tonk Group contributes proceeds to the Seacoast Marines and the Veterans Foundation.

Tara Sue is a Cum Laude honors graduate of Missouri State University (Southwest Missouri State, 1998) where she created the Political Theory individualized degree program.   She is the recipient of the President’s Leadership Scholarship, Minority Leadership Scholarship, ROTC Scholarship and  is a Golden Key Honor Society awards.

Mrs. Myers lives in East Wakefield in the Seven Lakes Region of New Hampshire where she has continued working in the community volunteering at her children’s school,  establishing long-loved events in her village like the unique Fall Fest and Trunk or Treat in East Wakefield,  and veterans outreach programs in Carroll County to enhance the lives and learning of her three children and local residents.