All Give Some- Veterans and the Volunteer Force in New Hampshire Video Series


Volunteerism stokes the fires of compassion and understanding.  It is the forge of leadership and respect and has long been the cornerstone of a quality community life. Unfortunately, volunteerism is on the decline in the U.S., leaving gaping voids in social, personal, professional and political enrichment and development among generations.  While New Hampshire takes a leadership role in veteran service nationally, our state ranks only 20th in the nation in number of volunteers.



Volunteerism is a duty we  owe to ourselves, our family and our people.   Giving time, resources, grit and gifts toward the greater good serves as a pathway to meaningful connections and stronger communities.   For veterans,  volunteering can be a helpful way to transition back to civilian life and find fellowship after duty.



As a force of volunteer service itself, the Veterans Foundation of New Hampshire, Inc. (VFNH)  is asking ALL GIVE SOME of their time, thoughtfulness, energy and  resources to volunteering.   



We begin by spotlighting those who fulfill this commitment  with a video series entitled All Give Some- Veterans & the Volunteer Force in New Hampshire.  The purpose of the series is to share paths others have taken on their mission to give some in service to others in our state to encourage and inspire others to do more.


Visit our website or contact VFNH Executive Director, Tara Sue Myers at   to learn more about the production or to participate!