Raise the Bar for Veteran Service
Veterans Law Project Legal Boots on the Ground
A Unifying Force for Veteran Service
Board Members & Officers


President, Lawrence Vogelman

Treasurer,  Donna Knapper

Penny Watson, Board Member

Dana Hussey, Board Member

Peter Duffy, Board Member

Tara Sue Myers, Executive Director

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Our Supporters

Be one.

We thank the following individuals & organizations for their support:

Stephen Rasche, Esq.
Parsons Furniture
Brown Furniture
Larry Vogelman, Esq.
Granite State United Way
Carol Avery
Fuller Foundation
Bean Foundation
Simoneau Family Trust
Bank of New Hampshire
Steven Murphy
Your Cause
AT&T Giving
Easter Seals
Country Goods & Groceries
Tonk Group

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Share Your Experience

It’s important for potential contributors and supporters to know and understand more about the incredible work performed by volunteers of the Veterans Law Project. Please share your story by emailing us at: vlp@vfnh.org

Share your experience, a picture or a message to others on how and why legal support is critical for needy and suffering veterans.

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