Alive to the Welfare of Others. . .
We are Volunteers & Non-Paid Employees working for veterans, military families and our local NH communities.
Veterans Foundation of New Hampshire Inc. 501 c3 Tax-Exempt Charity hq @
Who We Are

Reinventing altruism. The Veterans Foundation fills the void of assistance for veterans service organizations, military families and New Hampshire veterans.  Meet our boards:


President & Founding Board Member, Greg Lynch

Secretary-Treasurer & Founding Board Member, Dana Hussey

Founding Board Member, Paul Chevalier

Founding Board Member, Jim Golden

Board Member, Donna Knapper

Board Member & Legal Aid, Larry Vogelman

Founding Executive Director & Board Member, Tara Sue (Clark) Myers





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What We Do

VF NH Inc.

Our effort is to be a unifying force for veteran service organizations in New Hampshire.  The Veterans Foundation of NH is organized exclusively for providing programs and raising funds for the general public  To assist veterans service organizations; To provide emergency aid and relief to veterans and military families;  To serve all communities in the State of New Hampshire;

Our goal is to provide an outlet of support to all veteran service organizations in New Hampshire and pursue a cohesive agenda that meets and exceeds the veterans expectations for service related entitlements and health care.

Our Projects Include:



Help Build the Educational Center

Vietnam Veterans War Memorial Fund

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The Veterans Foundation of New Hampshire Paper Poppy--We'll Do More For Veterans`




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